Saturday, January 25, 2014

A #genchat Learning Experience

So, as I was putting together my list of films to request at the Family History Library during RootsTech, I was trying to narrow down the list. The FHL has a number of directories for my Great Grandmother's hometown of Harburg in Bavaria, Germany, on microfilm currently located at the vault and not in the library proper. After last night's ‪#‎genchat‬ about re-evaluating sources you already have, I realized that I ALREADY HAVE THIS INFORMATION. It is in a book on the housing history of the town I got when I visited in 2006.

Cover of Harburg Hauserchronik
It's in German, grouped by house, and lists the ownership history of each house in town. And it has an index of names. Duh! There are more relatives in this town than those from the one house I focused on, and a first quick scan tells me that the owners of the 1575 German bible I have were my great grandmother's next door neighbors!!! *facepalm*

I think I have my source for re-evaluation for challenge #2, discovered while working on one of my SMART goals for challenge #1. It won't be close to done before the next chat though (or perhaps even this year!!).

Let the discoveries continue to steamroll!