About Me

My name is Kim Jordan, and in my copious free time (ha!), I research my family history.

Kim Jordan

My interest was captured in 1990 at the one and only family reunion I know of for the Jordan family.  It wasn’t until 1998 that I finally had time to start pursuing that interest on my own, but only sporadically.  In 2010, as online research became more prevalent, I started actively working on my family history, connecting with similarly obsessed individuals so we could help motivate each other.

As for my family roots, my mother’s side is German, some from Bavaria, others from Bremen, yet others from Braunschweig.  My father’s side is more mixed – his mother was of Irish descent, while his father was an Italian (paternal) and Swedish (maternal) mix.  I have successfully traced my roots back to Germany, Sweden, and Italy, but have yet to get my Irish out of Jersey City, NJ, and across the pond back to Ireland. 

As a professional software developer with an engineering background, I am also highly interested in using DNA for genealogy.  I believe that the addition of scientific methods to genealogy research can only increase our opportunities.  See my WikiTree Profile for all the family DNA testing details.

I am always seeking cousins to share family stories and grow my family tree.  Check out my published family tree information below.  Are we cousins?  If so, please contact me!  :)
Join me as I chronicle my genealogy adventures!

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