Monday, May 23, 2011

Reviewing Family Documents and Heirlooms

More genealogy wonders - I have been looking through the treasure trove of documents and pictures provided by my aunt (my mother's sister) on Saturday, which includes my great-grandfather William Jurgen's US naturalization certificate and Masonic tie pins and clips, and a necklace pendant of my great-grandmother Marie Bierdümpfel's family (supposed) arms. 

Pendant of Bierdümpfel Arms

Names written on the backs of pictures confirm info I discovered online, which means I made good guesses!  Whether the Johann von Bierdümpfel who earned these arms has any relation to my Bierdümpfel family is another question, however.  My great-grandmother had these pendants made for her two children, my grandfather and great aunt, so they are not long-time family heirlooms.

And now that I have my great-grandfather's naturalization certificate, I can request the rest of his papers using the naturalization date and the name they were filed under: Heinrich William Otto Jurgens.  The requests for William Jurgens have not yielded results - now I think I know why.  :)

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