Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ancestry Connections

I may have just found some 7th and 8th cousins out on via my 7x great-grandparents, Johann David Steinbrenner and Anna Maria Breunig.  That is, if I did the family math right - I've never tried that distance before!  Assuming that the tree owners on are the home people in their respective trees*, then I may have found an 8th cousin and a 7th cousin once removed. 

My friend Shannon sent me a relationship chart to help work out the connections; I also found a different chart which gives a cool mathematical formula and has one more row & column!

* Which is an assumption - I just spent a good bit of time moving a lot of my cousins' family into a separate tree, with their father, my aunt's husband, as the home person, since I found a lot on his relations and have had several contacts with cousins of my cousins who aren't my cousins.

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