Friday, April 22, 2016

Keep On Keeping On

Today I completed the indexing of the 1875 - 1896 image set of death records for Omignano.  YAY!  To truly call that image set complete, I still need to index the completely handwritten 1866-1874 records, but I made it to the end of the set and will call that a major milestone in the process.  I have been busy with other things this last few weeks, so it's good to get back to this genealogy project and make some headway on it.

I plan to finish out the remaining death record sets (Morti 1897-1917, Morti 1918-1929) using the forms before venturing back to the handwritten death records.  Then there are 3 sets of birth records, three sets of marriage records, and three sets of marriage banns records, with the 1866-1874 records all being completely handwritten in the first set of each.  Still a long way to go!

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